A Labour of Love

All of our factories are carefully selected. We have secured long-term relationships with teams who not only provide quality bags and scarves but who also share our vision: that a fairly paid workforce that is proud of its products and wants to share them with the world will always make something more beautful and more radiant than workers who are merely doing a job.

Unique, Hand-Braided 100% Leather Handbags

Each bag is prototyped before actual production starts

Hand-weaving ensures high quality but also makes each bag unique

Meticulous adherence to bag design means each piece is made to last

A variety of weave designs offers choice and function for everything from a business lunch to a night on the town

Adherence to international production standards ensures every piece is in pristine condition when it arrives

Equal employment of men and women promotes the learning of transferable skills while ensuring family prosperity and food security

A timeless, classic design

Multiple production steps make each piece a reflection of the artist’s spirit

Quality control and testing ensures each bag is ready to hold a lifetime of memories

Pure Silk, Wool, Cashmere Scarves In Both Hand-Painted and Printed Designs

Master craftsmen hand dye the scarves, a process passed down generation to generation

Each unique scarf is produced through multiple steps and reflects the artist’s vision

Dark borders add visual interest and an elegant counterbalance to the vibrant colours of the scarf

Scarves are hand inspected by the factory owner

Vibrant colours of loomed thread add visual interest and appeal

Looms passed down from earlier generations are still the best way to ensure quality and consistency of scarf material

Finishing raw edges minimizes fraying and promotes longevity

Scarves are machine finished and inspected before shipping to customer

Cherry & Maple labels added to finished product!

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