Our philosophy at Cherry & Maple is simple. If you respect the earth, the caring touch of our artisans, and the unique beauty of each and every customer, good things will happen.

Every Cherry & Maple product is designed to bring out your inner radiance. As a Canadian brand based out of the foothills of the great Rocky Mountains, we draw on our pioneering heritage and spirit to make bags and scarves that are as unique as our customers.
Each of our bags and scarves is conceived of and produced by skilled craftsmen and women from around the world. We choose our factories in part based on the pleasure the owners and workers get from making beautiful things for the world. Only those factories in which everyone works in partnership can something truly radiant be produced.
We track everything: the quality of our leather supply, the freshness of our designs and the compliance to the exacting standards of our 100% natural drum-dyeing process. This way we can promise the highest level of quality and sustainability in a beautiful, natural product.

Natural, responsible, beautiful. Just like you.

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